The Invictus Fund NV Eligibility Requirements

Application Form

The Invictus Fund NV was created to assist staff members and local families who lost their homes or were displaced as a result of the 2017 Napa Sonoma fires. The fund is currently intended to provide supplemental assistance to offset any losses incurred by the 2020 Napa County fires.

Because of the disaster, does the beneficiary need assistance in the following categories?
  • Financial
  • Food
  • Housing
  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Daycare or childcare expenses
  • Transportation
  • Loss of income due to fires (i.e. did your spouse lose their job, etc., or did the applicant lose resources or tools required in order to work?)
Housing/Living Situation
  • Rent
  • Own
To get help for disaster-related needs, these general conditions must be met:
  • The beneficiary must have experienced losses due to the 2020 Napa County fires
  • The beneficiary has no insurance, or has insurance that does not cover the damage or will not meet the beneficiary’s disaster-caused needs
  • The beneficiary has necessary expenses or needs because of the disaster

Description of Assistance Provided

Rental Assistance: to secure temporary housing while repairs or rebuilding is made to beneficiary’s primary residence. This may be used toward a security deposit and other related expenses to rent a house, apartment, or other home
Home Replacement Assistance: to help homeowners replace their uninsured residence, or to offset the expenses not covered by insurance. Must be disaster related.

Personal Property
To repair or replace essential household items including, but not limited to, furniture and appliances, clothing, and other related items

To repair or replace a vehicle damaged by the 2020 Napa County fires and other transportation- related costs

Moving and Storage
To relocate and store personal property from the damaged residence and other related moving expenses

To assist with any medical expenses caused by the fires (i.e., injury, illness, loss of medication and equipment, insurance co-payments).

Child Care
A one-time payment to offset (determine how many weeks) childcare expenses incurred during the fires that resulted in an increased financial burden for families with children under 13 years old.

Assistance with legal issues related to the fires

Loss of Income
Assistance to those who have suffered loss of income due to the fires, either because of damage to or destruction of their place of employment, or because of the loss of tools or resources necessary for the individual to secure gainful employment.

Other Factors to Consider

Disaster survivors may need to provide documentation to help The Invictus Fund NV evaluate their eligibility, such as proof of ownership or housing situation prior to the disaster; insurance claims not met; loss of income; or any relevant information that would help the beneficiaries case. This will also help determine how much The Invictus Fund NV should distribute to said individual.

Additional factors
Duration of Assistance

Payment of assistance (check, electronic transfer, ongoing payments, one-time payment assistance)

Limit to how much assistance someone can receive

Failure to use assistance appropriately may result in ineligibility for additional assistance, and the beneficiary may be asked to return the funds.

Application Form

The Invictus Fund NV is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation and has been granted 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.